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Bankruptcy Court

I have with others as well as others have often tried
to report the proceedings of the of the meetings
of creditors before the commissioners but have
never succeeded. This arose chiefly from the
procedure; Here The The three
commissioners being a sitting all together at the
same table and each being commonly occupied
at the same time in the examination of
some business different to that with which the
others were occupied. Nor was the facility grant
it often more easy to understand the matters
in in agitation when only one commissioner
was employed upon it, for the conversation
or examination was carried on across the table
ins uch a manner that a person standing
close to behind the person examined could could
not make sense sure of hearing what was
going forward nor and if he did hear it, he
would frequently commonly find that
it related to documents which are never
publicly read and and which with the
nature of which he was necessarily unacquainted. Not
only was there this confusion with the same
business but the commissioners were were often
occupied with the business of two different
commissions at the same time at the
same table. – Now and then a fragment
could be made out; as such as a point of law
agreed by counsel or some objection to
a debt, but it was scarcely possible to obtain
such a complete view of a case of b
bankruptcy as to enable the reporter to
write anything about it with safety. Reports
of that of the proceedings
relatie to the on Howard and Gibbs
Fauntleroy's and Chambers commissions
appeared in the daily newspapers but
but those reports were very imperfect, and
such as they were they could were only be given
in consequence of the previous knowledge
obtained of the nature of the cases from
their extraordinary public
notoriety fr notoriety.

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