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7 Structure is
further by the
in proportion
to the range &
to the energy of
function. And
for all these
reasons it is
clear why the
organization of
the animal is
more complex
than that of
the plant.

arising from the range of function existing in
the higher animals. It might be shewn how the process
for respiration simple at the lowest point becomes
complex as we ascend in the scale; how the
apparatus of sensation becomes complicated as its
range increases; how as the number of the linear
multiply, as the impressions conveyed by them become
more accurate, as the intellectual operations become more
extended, the organs of sense multiply, the nerves
are more complex, the brain is larger, has more
distinct parts, and a more exquisite organization; how
its basis is always the same from the lowest animal
up to man, but part after part is superadded in proportion
to its rank in creation, but I have only time
to show,

5. that structure is necessarily complex in proportion
to energy of function. The greater the power with
which voluntary motion is capable of being exerted,
the higher the organization of the apparatus by which
it is performed, the more compact and dense the
shell, the cartilage, the bone; the firmer the fibre
of the muscle, and in general the greater its comparative

From what has been said then you see
why the organization of the animal is more complex
than that of the plant. You see that it is not from an

arbitrary disposition, but that it arises out of the
necessity of the case.
The few and simple functions performed
by the plant require only the few and simple
organs with which it is provided. The numerous and
complicated functions performed by the animal require
its numerous and complicated organs. The
plant simple as it is in structure is destitute of no
organ required by the nature of its economy. The
animal complex as it is in structure is in possession
of no organ which the nature of its economy would

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