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B The object then of these pages is to promote
human happiness — the happiness of every man: — Your
happiness, reader, and that of all besides. It is to extend the
dominion of happiness wherever there is a being susceptible
of its impressions: nor is the sphere of benevolent
action bounded by the human race. For if the
animals we call inferior have no title to our care
on what foundation stand the claim of our own
species? The chain of virtue will be found to girdle
the whole of the sensitive creation — the happiness
we can communicate to lower natures is intimately
associated with that of the human race, — and that of
the human race is closely allied to our own.

C What is happiness? It is the possession of pleasure,
with the exemption from pain. It is in great proportion to the
aggregate of pleasures enjoyed and of pains averted. And
what is virtue? It is that which most contributes to happiness, —
that which maximizes pleasures & minimizes pains. Vice,
on the contrary, is that which contributes to unhappiness.

, maximizes pain & minimizes pleasure

The first law of nature is to seek our own happiness
and the united voices of prudence and efficient benevolence
add — seek the happiness of others — seek your own happiness
in the happiness of others.

Of what can the sum total of happiness be made up,
but of the individual units. What is demanded by prudence
and benevolence is required by necessity. Existence itself
depends for its continuance on the selfish principle. Had Adam

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