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interests have been associated with his enjoyments: — in which his own
well-being has been connected, combined, and identified
with the well-being of others; — to give in a word to the social
all the influences of the self-regarding motive — He is to use
these elements of happiness which exist in the breast of every
man for the production of the greatest sum of happiness — to
extend the domain of felicity by developing the principles which
are coextensive with the existence of man — the self-regarding
principle being necessarily and happily the strongest. For such an
artist there is no want of work — there can be no want of work
while remediable evil is to be found in the world. His business is to
establish his propositions by bringing a balance of happiness
out of each of them — a balance to somebody — a balance to the
one or to the many.

The principle of on which Deontology is grounded
is the principle of Utility — in other words that every action
is right or wrong — worthy or unworthy — deserving approbation
or disapprobation in proportion to its tendency
to to contribute to, or to diminish the amount of public
happiness — And the public sanction will, insofar as
the subject is understood be given to that line of
conduct which most promotes the public
happiness — is a core corollary requiring no
arguments for its establishment.

Three very obvious enquiries grow out of these
remarks and will be kept in view during the progress
of these investigations in every particular case — 1st what
does the public happiness require — 2d Is public opinion
in harmony with the public interest or happiness — and 3d in
the practical application what line of conduct ought to be
pursued in the case under consideration?

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