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My Lord

This I have just been in company had with me
with a Sicilian Gentleman, Il Cavaliere di
Statella, who is said to be I understand, is a Knight of Malta and brother to a
Prince of Spaccaforno. He is just returned from
Portsmouth, here he had a perfect view of tells me he went was admitted into the
Dock Yard, & He came had a perfect view of it. He
would not have been admitted into Chatman Yard,
if I may judge by the ceremonies which a few weeks past I, an
Englishman, what can & one not unknown there, was obliged
to undergo. A relation of mine gave him recommendations
to Portsmouth; but we had no idea of his obtaining
admittance into the Yard. That he obtained through another channel.

If I mistake not he came last from
France; where he says he spent 5 years & has was
been in every corner of the kingdom. He viewed
the inside of the Brest Yard though not without some danger
having been put under arrest, upon on suspicion of
his being an Englishman. I think it was before the rupture; whence I conclude that Brest Yard is at all times inaccessible to an Englishman. Is any information wanted
about Brest? that is the French Dock Yard? a question for your Lordship to resolve.
Is the gentleman capable and would he be willing to furnish any?
that I is more than I can take upon me to even
to guess at: my acquaintance with him being is slight
and casual. I write this altogether without his participation. To p.4 at bottom

From p.4. It would be a satisfaction to me, if one
of your Lordship's Clerks were order'd to inform me, that
of this letter's having been received: which perhaps it and I should hope it were not too great a return for the good intentions of a man who neither looks not for any others. It is all the only return
I either expect or hope or want for. conceive myself to be entitled to expect.
I had the honour
of writing to addressing your Lordship upon an occasion somewhat
similar as a month or two ago by the penny
post. Whether the letter was received I know not.
As the purport of one part of it was to throw a shade

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