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Box 169 is a batch of miscellaneous material, containing correspondence, fragments of works, and other collectanea. This includes correspondence with Logan Henderson about 'ethereal matches', letters to French Revolutionary leaders, experiments with vacuums, letters to European monarchs in which Bentham offered to draw up constitutional codes, and the Memorandoms of James Martin, a convict who, in a party with others, absconded from Sydney on 28 March 1791. (This latter item has been edited and published in Open Access by Dr. Tim Causer of the Bentham Project [Memorandoms by James Martin ])

The full description of this box of material is as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 5: List of projects; works projected for the improvement of law in point of form; subjects for law essays; premiums [c.1775-85]
  • Folios 6 to 12: Board of shipbuilding plan, experimenting [c.1775-85]
  • Folio 13: Fragment on Government - to Elmsley in answer to a letter received from him, 27 Nov. 1776
  • Folios 14 to 127: Legislaturientes epistolae [miscellanea on legal subjects, including letters to European sovereigns offering to draw up constitutional codes [c.1778-85]
  • Folios 128 to 140: Correspondence with Logan Henderson about 'Ethereal Matches' [1785]
  • Folio 141: Proposal ... for manufacturing [Gay's] Ethereal Matches, drawn up by Jeremy Bentham for Logan Henderson [printed matter, c. 1785]
  • Folio 142: Law Taxes [c.1785]
  • Folio 143: Population, prefat [marginals in French, c.1785]
  • Folios 144 to 151: Considerations upon the export trade from Great Britain to India [1786]
  • Folio 152: On Toleration, to the Public Advertiser, answer by a Church of England man [1789]
  • Folios 153 to 154: Bentham to Lord Lansdowne, enclosing letter from Bentham to Pitt [1789]
  • Folios 155 to 162: Bentham to Miss Fox and Miss Vernon, reports, 2, 3, and 4 [1789]
  • Folios 163: Letters of Anti-Machiavel - Bentham to a periodical on the Prussian Treaty [c.1789]
  • Folios 164 to 167: Bentham to Morellet [c.1789]
  • Folio 168: Instructions for binding books [c.1789]
  • Folio 169: Bentham to Brissot [1789 or 1790]
  • Folios 170 to 171: Lord Lansdowne to Duc de la Rochefoucauld [1790]
  • Folio 172: Bentham to Lafayette [1790]
  • Folios 173 to 175: Usury, preface, to Adam Smith [c.1790]
  • Folios 176 to 177: Indecent trial, suppression [c.1790]
  • Folio 178: Defence of Anderson - Anderson and Elkington, Letter II [1795]
  • Folios 179 to 204: James Martin's Memorandoms [two copies, one original, one fair; c.1792-1795]
  • Folios 205 to 234: Vacuum experiments - exhaustion [1795]
  • Folios 235 to 249: Defence of Vaughan, to the conductor of the Morning Herald [1796]
  • Folios 250 to 255: Hints relative to the sketch of a general Inclosure Bill [1796]

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