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of suspicion on a person who very likely might not
prove deserving of it, and whom from what I have
heard since, I should now rather conclude not to be
deserving of it, I thought myself bund to make
myself responsible for it by signing my name.
That part of my the task was not a very pleasant one
then; & by the uncertainty I am under concerning the light in which my former letter was viewed is become still less so now: but partly from
the reasons already just hin hinted at, partly from the consideration
that the use of this information address if it has any
should might in part be frustrated by such an omission, I have once
more the honour to subscribe myself
with perfect all respect
Your Lordship's
most humble Servant.

Were I Did I think myself at perfect
liberty to consult my now private feelings, I should not
have bestowed so even that much of my own time & possibly
of your Lordships, under the anx extreme uncertainty whether of it's
the information I am giving turning to any account.
But at this anxious time crisis I thought it seemed to me
that an excess of zeal though it were to border on impertinence
would be an error on the safer side:
and I conceive that my any obligation which I or any body else to whom chance may have given the means, [I] may lay under
of making such communications as according to my his
imperfect views of things seem to stand a chance of
being of use, is not at all less varied by the manner
in which it they, may be received.

I do not suppose As to Mr Statella, I
do not suppose that he have no particular reason for supposing him to have had any political views either in
making the observations he has made in France, or in
those he has made here: but if I understood him right
they are consigned to a journal, & were made in both places with that sort of attention
which a Traveller naturally bestows on observations which
he has thoughts of making public. By his card it appears
that he lodges or at least did lodge a week or two ago at

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