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account for this dearth of miracles in a place which
seemed to be the natural soil for miracles. The
wonders of this kind that happen'd in other places in that age and
others not far distant from it had always some
obvious motive for their productive cause. Nature
it has been said does nothing never does any thing in vain. It
is a more manifest truth rather more manifest that her
laws have never been violated in vain; that is, unless
on account of some purpose that was to
be answer'd by it. No purpose can be assigned
to which the working of miracles or of any particular
miracle was necessary at that time. The
zeal of the people was sufficiently kindled: and
it had taken the very direction that was to be desired
it was wished it should take.

The place in question was not at that time a convenient
stage for miracles to be acted upon. It was
too crowded: a great part of Europe had flocked to it.
It was too well lighted. The stock of light in the
whole Christian world to be sure was not great:
but of what little there was more was to be found there
than any where. So many nations so many parties,
each so many of them spies and checks a spy and check upon every other. For
a miracle equally answering the purpose of all of them,
there was no demand: and a miracle favouring one
at the expence of another, would not have passed.

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