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Exord. Cod. Ind.
Of the love excellence of the laws

The Law is every
man's best friend: [to
her under God, he is indebted for]
from her he has every thing [he enjoys.]
To her he owes his
liberty and his property
every thing which he enjoys: [whatever protection
(he has) for his
of the peace of mind, his person,
and orhis honour. To
her the rich man owes
his wealth; the poor
man his subsistence:
every man who is free, has
freedom. To her the husband
is indebted owes for the and fidelity
the obedience of
his wife, the father,
for the obedience of his
children; the master
for the obedience of
his servants.

In the law is the
beneficence of the most
beneficent; the wisdom
of the most wise, the
power of the most
powerful. v. Col. IV.

By her the thief, the
robber, the incendiary, the man of blood,
the ravisher, and the
oppressor are kept in
awe, abd wgise or found

The law which is the
breath word of the Great King
is as the breath of life to
his faithful people.

---page break---

Worshippers of Christ
Followers of Mahomet, worshippers Children
of Brama, read
and attend. [I
J.B. have proposed]
the Great King, the the King of Gr. Britain,
the sovereign
of the Sea hath
commanded, the
Lords and Commons
of Great Britain,
his chosen counsellers
have assented, the East
In him
the Lords
of victorious fortune
the East India
Company, his subjects
have and
their servant the
Governor of this
land have and
his Councillors have
approved and will execute – be obedient,
and be

Historical dedication
of the progress
of the British
power in India.

That the English had
no original views of
conquest; that quarrels
arose: quarrels
produced war, & war
undid in conquest –
Gods decree that the
Mogul Empire should
fall to ruin – that

---page break---

"The meanest are
"not beheav her care,
"and the greatest are
"not exempted from
her power." Hooker

---page break---

M. of G.B. has taken
this country not his
protection: that his
great study in the
happiness of the
people – that the
King and Judges
to protect the people,
that the Judges were
unwise to and
did amiss that
the hearing this
much amends to
the sufferers for the
present till he
could establish
your happiness upon
the firm foundation
of permanent laws.

Ascendancy of the
English over the natives
in arts and strength of
body and in
mind: in arts and
arms, in wisdom and
in understanding.

As the Bramin is
by nature superior
to the Loacher, so
is the European to
the Bramin:
so is the Englishman
to another European.

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