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If instead of having a reputation for wisdom
to lose you have no such reputation, your
motives for sticking to your prejudice are still
stronger. While you kept to your party, you
were somebody, for you were because by being a member of a party.
How little soever you had of the esteem of
such your party you had something some small share at least of a share in
their affection, that smallest allowance, that
portion congrue which every man upon his
accession to a party is consisted with becomes entitled to, and
which the most insignificant has a right to
expect to receive upon occasion from every other
member. Now that you have divorced abandoned yourself
from your prejudice, and with it your
party, you are absolutely nobody. You are at
war with your old party: you are more an
encumbrance than an assistance to your new
one. The reputation of that sort of wisdom called knowing you are
not able to support: all you can aspire to
is the contemptible one of folly: and this is
the treasure you have to bring into the common stock

A man of talent might
make his party good
and raise himself in
the intimation of the
adversary to the class
of knaves: but you
have no talent: the class
you desire yourself is
the cast of Hallachores, the class of fools.

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