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Letter to Foster Petersburgh

of Kingston. I accordingly called yesterday on
Mr Patischef to enquire of him about the
method of conveyance. Mr Patischef was not
at home: he poor man has been is in a very indifferent
state of health, and has been in the
country for three or four months. But I saw
Mr Lister, and was agreably surprized to hear
of your having discarded of your old mistress, and
taken to a better.

You are a happy man at your time of
life to find favour, I will need not say with such
ladies, [I might as well content myself with saying] but with such a lady. Were she in
England, and of a rank no higher than my own,
I might beg the favour of you to introduce me to
her or at least to introduce my manuscript, that
I might have the benefit of her [advice upon
it before I sent it to the press] opinion upon
it. For She, to consider her in no higher light than that only in the light of
a philosopher, is one of the very few in whom
I should hope to find a task to relish my design, and
a capacity to sit in judgment over the execution.
As it is then [thanks to her encouraging
hand and informing spirit] there are other more
accessible personages I imagine in the country which is now
yours, who might take an interest in have a curiosity to see in a plan work
of such a kind on such a subject undertaken by an Englishman.
Mr Betski from the frequent honourable mention
I have unfortunately seen made of his name in

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