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Letter to Mr Foster Petersburgh

and approves of it. As far as I can learn almost
every body approves of it, the warmth excepted,
which almost every body condemns. The warmth
must be ought to be treated attributed to the zeal of a young
man, for in behalf of a favourite object, which every one I
suppose will allow to be the first within the sphere
of a man's pursuit. My motives for engaging in rank I beg pardin; I almost forgot I was
an attempt writing to a Divine. I man of temporal object. How blameable soever may have been
the temper manifested in it, the motives are such as
I have no reason to be ashamed of: they are not
of a personal nor so much as of a party nature:
In any other account than what I have mentioned
I never have had nor so much as imagined
myself to have the least cause ground of complaint against
him Sr William. He has lately published a new
edition [of the Commentaries] in which he has made
several alterations, though with but an indifferent grace
in consequence of my book, which he has glanced
at in an angry supplement Postscript to his Preface.
He told Lord Mansfield that he knew of waht
country I was, by my Scotticisms: and what is
more, that I was a Dr Gilbert Stewart.

It seems as if the publication of the Fragment
has had made some of the impression effect
I wished to see it make: intended it to have: for
some the publication of
it, Lord Mansfield has
talked of Sir W. to a
friend of mine under the
name of poor Blackstone,
and lamented that so much
excellent matter as he
was pleased to say, there
is in my book, should
be in a manner thrown away on such a subject.

If I can find opportunity I will send you three or
4 copies of it as likewise of the View of the Hard-labour Bill
which (keeping one of each for yourself) you will dispose of as you please. To p.23.

I have now done with satire: my last pamphlet
you will see was is written in a very different strain,
and it gave me real pleasure to find have to do with a work which

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