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that if he should peremptorily refuse to let him off,
so it there was no remedy. For he was so circumstanced, that it was
necessary for him not to quarrel with his brother "rompre en visière"
was the expression: as it is for being so remarkable
an one, I put it again and again to
my friend to tell me whether it was really that
the one he used. He concluded with
saying that he would go and talk with his
brother that instant, and would immediately acquaint give
my friend with notice the result. This was
on the Friday: the Commissioners set off for Portsmouth
the Tuesday after. Would not you have
imagined that some sort of apology or at least some answer
would have been made to me? Not a syllable
have my friend or I heard from his Johnstone to this
hour. My friend was highly exasperated, while as
yet there was nothing to complain of but delay:
and He wrote him a note in pretty peremptory language
which was set, but, as it proved, to late to reach
him. To love mankind, says Helvetius, one should expect
but little of them. I do expect but little of them, and am therefore
not seldom disappointed, & never vehemently.

Mr Howard’s book on Prisons that I have
so often mentioned in my View of the Hard-labour Bill,
have you got it at Petersburgh? I hope you have,
and that by this time he that intelligent & indefatigable friend to the distressed may number the Empress
among his admirers. You certainly must have
heard of him before you went, on the occasion of the
extraordinary tours he took all over England, and a
considerable part of the continent, merely for the purpose
of inspecting the state of the prisons wherever

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