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he went, in order to suggest improvements in that
branch of the police. I had not the least personal
acquaintance with him: but he paid me
a visit t’other day of his own accord, on occasion of the View
of the Hard-labour Bill and told me he was
just going to set out on another tour to compleat
his plan: I do not remember all the places he
told me he intended proposed had now to visit: but the Prussian
and Austrian dominions were among them. When he was at visiting the prison at Mentz upon a former tour, he found a gentleman from the King of Prussia upon the same errand. The prison at Mentz had got a name it seems for by the good regimen observed in it. I wish
your Empress who takes such so much delight in singular
and meritorious characters, would invite him to Petersburgh,
and if he comes, or even if he does not
come, shew him some mark of favour. He is a
country gentleman of handsome fortune, and but
for an electioneering quirk of the Ministry would
have been for kept his seat for
Bedford at in the last Election. He is I believe, take him
for all in all, one of the most extraordinary men
this age can shew. For these 4 or 5 years
past he has devoted the whole of his time to this
one object: by while upon his travels he draws
a hundred pounds a month. His own private affairs he
says suffer for it a little: but this he says does
not mind: he is a widower with only one child
who is very well provided for from other quarters.
He has a constitution as irony as your own, and
yet observes a severity of regimen from to which happily
you have no need to subject yourself. While upon
his travels he allows himself every other night for
sleeping. He breakfasts on tea and bread & butter, eats

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