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Letter to Foster

he has never been denied satisfaction in any single
article. I understood as much from what he said:
and his book confirms it is a proof of it. He is accurate to an
extreme: asserts takes nothing from report: and asserts
nothing but what he has heard or seen has come under the cognizance of his

A year or two ago he received the thanks of
the House of Commons. A friend of mine an
Alderman of London intends to move next to
Common Council for present him with the freedom of the City: he
and has applied to me to draw up the motion. It is a pleasing The occasion
The task is on some accounts a pleasing one: But i wish it were in the hands of
somebody that could perform it better: I am a sad
hand at common-places.

From all this rhapsody you would be apt to infer
that I fancied myself a great man. The
fact is, from I live in the same dirty chambers, & am as poor as when
you knew me. Law-mending sine privilegio is a sad trade
for a man to thrive by: they there are few to practise
it and but still fewer to encourage it. If a man
does not get pointed out as an idiot, or knocked
on the head as a nuisance he may think himself
well off. No matter – though I must sleep
every night, I can live upon a deal board as
well as Mr Howard. I have no idea of repining
at my condition. I am so content with it so far from it, that
I believe this is the first time I ever thought
it worth while to say so. not that i should have any objection to changing it for a better. For the first year or two after
my being called to the Bar I had a little practice.
I When these projects came into my head,
I insensibly withdrew myself from business.
When i had mustered up courage enough, to face my father, I quitted

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