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Letter to Foster

the mask the mask, & took leave of my clients I declared I would leave nothing to the great discomposure of
my said father. Since then comes now & then a stragling
client who has not heard of my resolutions: in the French sense
of the word I thank them all. Such as I am I have given myself
to the Public: I never will sell myself to individuals.
Why should I? Mr Howard has sacrificed is sacrificing his time,
his security, and his fortune. Fortune I have none: the
sacrifice of my security is not called at stake: why should
I grudge to sacrifice my time? Mr Howard &
the public honour he has met with, are of
more use to me than you would imagine
to prove to my friends that I am not crazy.

You remember my Brother the Shipwright – in August
past he was out of his time. In Jany
last he came of age. During the course of
his apprenticeship he has lost let slip no opportunity
of improving himself making himself acquainted
with his art. He has employ’d himself constantly
& assiduously in observing the how it is practised:
having engaged in it from liking in
preference to other employments which afforded
a better prospect in point of gain. His great
crime I was going to say, but to speak seriously,
his misfortune has been that instead of
employing himself exclusively in handling the
axe and hammer, he has been employing
himself chiefly in studying the rationale of
the art, and seeking planning improvements. Of these, or
what he looks upon as such he has collected a

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