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Letter for Foster Petersburgh

Mulgrave of his own accord gave my brother
permission to make use of his name to any of
the Commissioners of the Navy Board. He waited
accordingly upon some of them, though without
any hopes, as knowing them of old.

When they My Brother
Brother when he was about 15 or 16 had offer’d his a model of a Ship’s Pump for
their inspection, soon after the late Captain Bentinck
had offer’d one of the same kind a model of a of machine of his invention for
the same purpose. Captn. Bentincks had been already
order’d for trial. Capt: Bentinck your honourable besides
was really
a man of merit, but what was much more
to the purpose an officer of rank in the Navy & of the Portland
family. The Board upon being hard
pressed, at last gave my Brother an answer, importing
that they looked upon the Captain’s as superior.
But Sr J. Williams the surveyor who is
one of them told my brother privately it was no
such thing. That they looked upon his as the
best, but they had already had a great deal of trouble about Pumps, & if it were adopted, the Captains would not
be easy without having them which would encrease cause
more trouble still. When the Commissioners in their
visitation have been going by the door of a man
who had an improvement to offer, Mr Gray, my
Brother’s late master has asked them to go in &
look at it and they have refused. All this proceeds
from mere indolence and stupidity: Mr Gray was nor had any thing
to do with any personal or party pique. Mr Gray
was popular among them: my brother not obnoxious.

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