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One instance i think i have heard and that but
one, where a proposal for an improvement made
by a man without interest was attended to.
The man offer’d a machine for tarring rope-yarn which he said would
gain in time & purchase both. This proposal
the Navy board accepted: & referred it to the
Officers of the Chatham Dock Yard. A meeting was called.
Sam who was present at it (he was then about 17 or 18) saw immediately that
it the project would not do: and upon giving them his reasons
which were perfectly satisfactory to all of them, (this
pro and proposal it) was rejected.

From the Navy board therefore he knew he had nothing
to expect. Their rules were against him: and their
prejudices still more. He had employ'd With the permission of his superiors,
(the Commissioners of the Navy board included) he
had employ’d himself some only occasionally in de
working alongside, (upon particular parts of the Ships). He had employ’d himself at
other times in going all over the ship, taking minutes and putting
questions to every body that would answer him: at
other times at in studying the rationale of the art in
books together with the sciences on which it depends.
This was is against all rule. Consequently nothing is
so rare as to hear of any improvement made in
Ship-building by English Shipbuilders in the King’s service. Those that
have been adopted have been made either by volunteers
from other professions or by Frenchmen. We
take their ships and then copy them. Except one
German or if you please one Russian, I mean
Euler, and one Spaniard, Don Jorge Juan or is I forget which or Don Antonio de Ulloa

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