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whatever has been done in the rationale of the art
within the present century has been done by Frenchmen.

Sam however went to with his papers in
his hand, to the Surveyor. He reminded him of his
former favours: spoke of Ld Mulgrave: referred him
mentioned officers Shipwrights of whose instructions he had had the
benefit & who would speak to his qualifications:
offer’d himself his papers for inspection: offer’d himself
for examination upon any points that any body
should think proper. The Surveyor was civil to
him as before formerly: but told him in these very words,
that "if he had the abilities of an Angel, they would
"be of no use to him".

With abilities not quite equal to those of an
Angel, he would be glad to have employment, if
he could get it anywhere with some liberty and some
opportunity to exercise his invention. For one of his
years he has laid in a tolerable stock of knowledge:
he has a pretty good person: a sound judgment, an excellent temper, &
an inventive genius. His speech discourse however is on
most occasions more hesitating and embarassed than
perhaps any man’s ever was to who was so well
off gifted & endowed in other respects. In the article of writing,
though very slow, he succeeds better: yet rather
in point of arrangement than expression. A
paper which in point of writing is chiefly his will be printed this
year in the Philosophical transactions. From It
stands in the name of Nairne the optician who
is a fellow of the Ry. Society. Nairne the had

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