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From p.8 at bottom Since that In consequence of the latter Sr William has been extraordinarily
civil to me. I sent copies to all the Judges:
and to him as one of them. Upon that he sent
me a note in which after certain a few thanks &
epithets of commendation he tells told me that some
of my observations (he believed) had already occurred
to the patrons of the Bill, and many more well
deserved their attention. Mr Eden had informed
me that Sir W. himself had a principal hand
in it.

Adieu, my good Sir. I think I have given you
a reasonable quantity of tittle tattle expounding scribbling about two
men persons, who would neither of them have the least
ground to complain of you, if they were sure
you did not care about either of them one straw.

I hope you will at least favour me with a
line to let me know of it's having come to
hand. I insist not on any thing more: but
a letter from you, considering who you are, &
where you are would have its value.

I am &c

My Father and all the rest of the
family are well, and hearty. I have
no message to you from any of them.
For I have reasons for not letting them know of
my writing to you. I wish sincerely for the more
same reason reasons than one that your best friends do would that he
may long continue in the receipt of his anmity.
I had the pleasure of seeing a letter you wrote to
my father (I forget how long ago) from Calais where
you were with the Dutchess.

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