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I would willingly in amongst all this heap of papers give
you something that was worth reading. I will therefore
strive hard to get you a copy of Mr Eden’s Bill
which is not sold. I mean for the sake of the
Preface which you will find spoken of in
my Preface. I think you told me once that
you had heard the Empress was pleased with
his Principles of Penal Law, and had order’d
them to be translated. If so, she will would be much
more pleased I should think, with this Preface of his
(which for the little there is of it is of a much superior stamp). (were she by
any accident to come to read it) I suppose
Probably if you
were to let her know of your having it she would
be glad like to read it. Were Mr Eden in the way
there would be no difficulty: as it is I must try
whether I can get a copy from his relations some of his family.
If I should, I it may very likely be a means of
my sending you more papers still. I mean two
long passages which I struck out of my preface
on his account. As they contained some
little matter of censure on a passage or two of his
preface, and Mr Eden seemed a little rather to wish they
should not appear, I struck them out, upon the
importunity of my some friends of mine, who told me that I
should otherwise run the risque of it destroying ruining all
the good service that might accrue from be done by my observations
on the Bill by giving umbrage to its patron. I was the more loth
to part of with them as they contain a panegyric on
Mr Howard which I had no other means of introducing. Mr Howard to whom I shewd them upon his
paying me the visit I told you of after my Book was out, was much vext at their
being left out. He blamed me, (pour la bienseance) for saying so much about himself: which made it necessary for him, (pour
la bienseance
also) to appear enchanted with them on other accounts.

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