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Letter of Foster Petersburgh.

No 1.

There are three young Russians I understand in England
to learn Ship-building: but they are only in Merchant’s
Yards. The King’s Yards are by the rules of the service
necessarily altogether inaccessible to them as foreigners. I question whether
the Empress has any workmen persons in her service who have worked brought
up in any of those yards: certainly none of any tolerable
education. My Brother I dare affirm that my Brother
is the only person in his line at this time in England
who is of any tolerable family & education, & who
has any improving views. In the mere routine of practise
he has had & will have had more opportunities means of getting
information than can ordinarily fall to the lot of a working
Shipwright. He served the first part of his time in Woolwich
yard, the latter part at Chatham, and is now going
to Portsmouth for 6 months. Portsmouth is the yard from
which the greatest quantity of business is done: that being the
place for fitting out, as Chatham is for building.
Peter the Great I know learnt Ship building by working at it
with his own hands but he was not confined to work: I know it. But he gave himself time to
inspect as well as to work: nor was he confined to work
always upon a particular part of the ship under
the orders of a Quarterman. My Brother has a decked vessel
made built years ago under his direction, and partly by
his own hands. It is about 10 or 12 tons. He built it partly for instruction, &
partly for experiment, and has made several little voyages in

No 2

He has demonstrated He is not wholly unversed in Mathematics. About a year and a
half ago he He has written drew up a demonstration of the propositions
contained in the 5th book of Euclid experience on
a plan method is much more perspicuous and concise
than Euclid’s and upon principles somewhat different.

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