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to Mr. Betskay; who is president of ye Academy, & at ye head of every Institution relative
to Science & Literature, & will push it as far as my limited power extends. I am much
griev’d at yr poor Brother’s bad luck; but Maritime Affairs are conducted
much in the same Manner in this Country. Little regard is paid to Merit, & our
British Officers here complain to me of ye smallness of their pay, & of ye figure
they are oblig’d to make; which keeps ’em all poor, & generally in debt. – I am
amaz’d at ye puffs, I meet with in yr Newspapers, of ye vast Succours you expect
from Russia. Depend upon it, my dear friend, there is not the least Shadow of
truth in these idle reports. All ye Russian Ships of War fit for Service, lie
quite unrigg’d, to my certain knowledge, in the Harbour at Cronstad. As for Land Forces, I
am certain they have none to spare. For the War with the Turks is begun in
the Crimea, & they are continually sending off Troops, Physicians & Surgeons
to ye Army. This is the only Rule we can judge by; for all State Affairs in this
Country are conducted with the most impenetrable secrecy. If you write to
me by ye Post, remember ye old adage of de mortuis, & if you mention
anything of this place or of the Empress, remember it must be Nil nisi bonum,
for all letters going from, or Coming to this Country, are constantly open’d at the
post-House. – Pray give my best respects to Mr. & Mrs. Bentham, & let
them know; that I enjoy my health here extremely well, & that my Eye-sight
is still perfectly good; tho' I am now advanc’d in my Seventy ninth year.

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