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view it presents to us, is rather than of a state of things to be envied, and
of a system of manners to be admired, than that of a plan of
policy to be pursued. If one may give credit to it, (which from the
opinion I have of the writer's accuracy and talents for observation
I am much disposed to do) the three great hinges upon which
the perfection of the Scottish management relative to this business
turns on the virtue of humanity, frugality and honest pride:
the first on the part of the contribution, the second on the part of
the managers, that and the last together on the part of the receivers.
The first of these qualities I make no doubt of our possessing
to at least as high a degree as they: it is to this that we owe
such as they are, the present system of the Poor Laws. But in both the
other points we have been hitherto, and perhaps ever shall be, far
behind them. – With them the business is done by manners only, and,
as far as taxes are concerned for nothing: with us, by a most

complicated system of laws and an immense expence.

[To return to Mr Anderson's paper] the arrangement of
it the paper your Lordship will see is not very methodical: which is the
less to be wondered at as it was a mere letter of friendship, written
without being so much as asked for and without the least idea
of any such honour as is now done to it: not that I can say
much indeed for either his method or his stile at any time. It
stands word for word as I received it, except that I have broken
it down into paragraphs equipped it with a set of marginal contents,
and, at the conclusion given the heads of it in another order.

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