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(As to) the marginal­-contenting it is a sort of hobby­-horse exercise
of mine, which the weakness of my mental frame forces me to
practise upon all occasions: upon molehills as well as upon
mountains; upon sheets as well as upon volumes: so that without
it I can never make fancy myself master of any thing I either
write or read. The result of it It must I think can not be of some convenience be entirely
useless to minds of stronger grasp, finding it necessary to my

Since I was at Shelburne-­house the nature of my design
has led me to bestow upon the constitutional branch of the law
a (more particular) share of attention (than before) which (attention)
has certainly not been the less sollicitous for a hint which fell from
your Lordship on that subject. My way was Pursuing the order
of tradition which in many respects is a very different thing from the
order of investigation, my way is first to represent what is
possible, next what is eligible, and lastly what is established. The
first object I have got pretty well within my grasp, having
drawn a circle, as I think, round the possible modifications which
the powers of government admitt of: and this is all that is
necessary or indeed pertinent to the purpose of the volume I
am upon. These are things which are not done in a day,
my Lord: and yet in point of extent it has been but a parenthesis,
as in point of difficulty it has been but an amusement
in comparison of the other contents of a provoking chapter which
still sticks with me.

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