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This much packet I have ventured to trouble your Lordship
with as the lawyers say (I never pretend to say we lawyers)
de bene esse: taking the chance of your Lordships having any leisure to listen or look thought upon it. What If this report which has been in circulation for this prevailed with (week or two

Within this week or two, in the report of the newspapers
and even if I am not misinformed (the whispers) in if
the H. of C. have been reinstating your Lordship be well grounded have any truth in it; the cure of
in a station that was one was made for you to you: but the poor must probably now give way to the more extensive cures
which embrace the interests of poor and rich together: but
we have the glaring English notion of the incompatibility between what is good & good news & true to prevent our giving that credit to it which in it (we might otherwise) receive what is true desirable to be wished for to
render it make it appear improbable. (If it be pardonable for so obscure
an individual as myself to pretend (to from any opinion
at all) upon to say a syllable on such a subject
without being there seems to be a gap in our public
which wants such a character as that which
is talked of to fill it up. – In point of honesty probity I am As far as concerns the bourgeois virtue
of honesty, to which however I give the honours of precedence I
am credulous enough to believe we are merely as well off
already as we can expect to be: but we want a few such qualities
firmness intrepidity, zeal, assiduity, comprehension, & elevation of thought of mind. We want
somebody who shall be for both seasons what Ld Chatham
was for war.

Since I was at Shelburne house the nature of my
design has led me to pay a more bestow upon the constitutional
branch of the law a more particular share of attention

In the order of tradition (which in many respects it may is very different from the order share of investigation)

My way is I mean first to search out what is possible
(in every line) next what is useful eligible & lastly what is
established. The first point I think object I hope I have got pretty
well within my grasp, having drawn a circle as I think round the
possible modifications which the powers of government admitt
of: and this is all that is necessary or indeed pertinent to
with the purpose of the volume I am upon. These are things
which are not done in a day my Lord – and yet in point of

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