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My Lord

The book printed sheets herewith enclosed waits
upon your Lordship at the desire of Ld Shelburne [. He] who had the patience to read same
over with me last summer at Bowood: (where
I was one of a crowd whom your Lordship's
and Lady Ashburton's precipitated departure
to disappointment.)
Since then he has He had frequently
intimated to me his wishes that it might (have
the honour of coming) come under your Lordship's
eye: I and Last Tuesday he repeated them in a
manner too peremptory to be resisted
in particular
he desired I would myself take upon me to send furnish your Lordship
with a copy without delay. Thus much, my Lord,
I thought necessary to apologize account for the liberty
I take in sending putting into your Lordship's hands a
book which is not only without beginning or end and but which must undergo several alterations before it faces sees presented to the public the light the public eye: circumstances
which I reminded him of but without effect which he was
pleased to over-rule. The approbation of (so
discerning enlightened a Judge as) Ld Ashburton would naturally indeed
of course
have been one of the first objects of my
ambition: but I should not of myself have if left to myself <note> I should certainly not
have declared myself a <add>thought it

candidate for it at that however
so a period
produced my letter to that
known and so imperfect a candidate.</note></add>
shown so premature a period for rendering myself a (candidate
for that honour)
I inclose in another paper A short account of the

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