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Your Lordship will early perceive that
a book of law upon this plan is virtually
a planproject of reformation, [+] and that every title of [+] addressed to theany & every motive to thepeople to whom circumstances of which it is meant to be applied:
it is virtuallycontains<add>may be considered as</add> into a a proposal for the alteration of
the laws at present in force in as far as they
differs from the model of supposed perspective
which it is the design such title is calculateddele to exhibit:[+]2 But [+]2 In thea model courseconstruction of which proposedthis model the law of England was of course the principal but notby no means the only established body of law [whose excellence I studied to avail myself of, which in trying to remedy defects] of which I tried studied to avail myself of the excellences as well as to provideexhibit a remedy for the defects abstraction being made of all local prejudices which whatever tenderness respect they might may claim from the hand of the legislation might asknever to stop the eye of the individual inquirer
this must signal and perhaps
reformation of the wholeall is that which would be
effected were the present indeterminable prospect undefinable content
and immeasurableindefineable both of the whole reduced
to the [comparativelymoderate slender] dimensions within to which
upon this may new plan it would be it would
be confirmedincluded: an improvementincautious<add>proposal</add>an improvement the proposal of which which can not
be exhibitedrepresented<add>stand expressed</add> in any of considered as ascribed the title taken separately
but which looked upon must beconsidered as standing exhibited<add>something from <add>been depicted</add></add> ted from the [connection
which is established believe than several
titles]resulting from as the general result method and expression which will will have been given to the whole.
Upon This planIt is evident that the plan as far as it went would in
a certain sense be the distinction of the customary
or as it is so uncharacteristically deemed by us
the common law: since whatever goes at present
under that name would would either be abrogated, or
homologated as the Flemish writers call it, that
is in expressed in the assignableauthoritative terms, and thereby converted into
the form of statute law

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