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is to be yours; and all the without exception all
the advance and all the risk and all the trouble
his. Cross, you were to gain; pile he was to
lose. He d made a desperate Hitherto
your slave, and I wish I may be able to
avoid adding your dupe, he made a desperate
effort this once, and declined the proffer. He
had two reasons amongst others which partly
his sensibility in his own account partly his
delicacy on your's prevented his avowing confessing to
you, but which he avow'd to me. One was
that from skill and judgement intelligence science are he had the same opinion * his general knowledge of such subjects -
of the project as you will have whenever you think proper if you have it not
already, from experience: and another was, that he
had not he money.[+] The £3-7-9 he had {X}necessary to defray the expence of advertising, & what expence he could not see a prospect of being reimbursed from the order & for Eolian Engines
paid for an express to you, and the £5-5-0
he had paid for an electrical machine for you
without your expressing any thing like a suspicion that it
might be of use to him to have the money again [+] Seven pound a week to be spent in advertisements, three hundred and sixty five a year, the least sum that according to his calculations would answer any purpose, a trifle indeed to Mr Gullet I mean out of any pocket but his own but a sum which a man much richer than Mr Henderson might not always find it convenient to advance, was rather too much to bestow for the chance of
had neither added anything to his ability to supply you
nor I suppose much to his alacrity. I speak
by conjecture as to his: but I am sure it would not
to mine.

How blind is avarice! and what amusementwould
would might not this and fifty other such strokes of character
that I have before me be made to afford in the hand of an able
counsel to a Nisi Prius audience?

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