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J.B. for Henderson to Gullet

of getting perquisites which
if the project had even answer'd
the projector's sanguine
and most perfectly
groundless expectations, would
never have amounted to
half the money.

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A word or two about Hail Newton and I hope
I shall have done. You taken proprietor
chief, and I believe once the sole proprietor of this mine,
preach up to him the value of it: he, not having
time to examine into it proposes or consents,
I forget which, to take you a share of it, a 64th
off your hands: valuable as it is, such is your
friendship for him, you do not ask him more
than his share of the cost you have laid out
upon it: this cost this purchase money amounting to £11 1—7 1/2
he offers to pay you on the spot: you, out of
your generosity, will not suffer him.[+] So long as

[+] and thus you part.
At this time (April
2d 1784 the date of your
first letter to him) it
is worth a thousand
pound: it wants but
three months to be worth
three thousand. It goes
on, and so long as
Mr Henderson's services
go on, and so long as
there is a danger that
unless he had something
to amuse him he might
look for payment of them
you keep silence, and
the mine its value.

he is serving you labouring for you the mine is improving in its
value: but slight amounts it becomes worth a thousand pounds. His labours
at an end, the value of the mine ends with them;
it is not worth one straw. It is worth less than
nothing: for now comes in your the bill: and to the above
mentioned 11, 1—7 1/2 which you would
not accept, the cost of the year 1783, is added
the sum of 5—14—4, the cost of 1784, both
which sums you are now not only willing to accept
but determined to retain, in return for in consideration
of all the service that he has done you.

I beg pardon: one advantage more, indeed,
you offer him: and this is an indemnity against
all future costs about this mine: that is I mean against

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