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J.B. for Henderson to Gullit


Your last letter dated the 9th instant In
consequence of general orders given by Mr Henderson,
your last letter dated the 9th instant came to me. I have therefore to acknowledge
the receipt of it, together with the the draught
which it enclosed for 20 guineas. I accept it
not as a loan but in part payment of the have also edit for £3.18.8 service on acnt of lease for Huch Newton to 27th Dec 1784</hi> of
£300 abovementioned which on his behalf I claim. I also<add>[+] £200 which on his behalf I claim.x

I find that which since this letter of mine has been in
hand this generous man, calling to h as if to [+] acknowledge the receipt of your account in which setting against his charge the him in debtor upon the £3.10.81/2
heap coals of fire upon your head, has been
writing to you for no other purpose than to
inform you of an opening which justs
now in presents itself for disposing of another setting against the sums he had laid out for you the whole purchase-money and subsequent costs of his share of Huch-Newton mine, you bring him a debtor upon the ballance of £3.18.8 1/2
share. This, I must confess, was almost too
much for my patience. I too spoke my sentiments
to him pretty freely an on pain of my giving
up his concerns altogether made him promise
that, he was whither he staid in town long
enough or not, he would think no more of it
till you show'd what I deemed a proper
sense of his past services: however, b havinalso had
finding he had engaged himself so far, and am prepared, in that event
he you speak of, toget the business prosecuted prosecute the business for

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