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Sir I am ashamed to lie under the necessity of applying
to you so after for the triffling sum of £3-12-6 sterlg for
Phosphorus Matches sent by your order in the month of
June last as you have no doubt a correspondt: in London
I shall esteem it a favour you will please send me an
order upon him for payment as the articles I sent you
were charged at the cash price - and from some particular
circumstances I am under a necessity of bringing all
my Acco,ts into cash. I beg you will please let me
Your speedy answer will Oblige
To Mr Allen Waterford. Yours JB
28 March 1785.

Mr Tho:s Green - Liverpool
It is now so long since you took an
order for a watch for me I begin to despair of think you
have forgot it, and thy friend for whom the d
are intended is much in want of them I beg therefore
you will please to let me hear from you by return of
post that I may regulate my self accordingly - in my
last letter to you I took the liberty to mention that
friend of mine wanted a place of to board at a farmhouse
for a week or 10 days where she might see them made
of making cheese. pray do you know of any such place

I have got a large parcel of fine Matches ready for you &
will ever be happy to exicute your commands.

I beg you will be so good as send me by Coach along
with the other things which I expect you will send me.
a few of your files according to the list below and you
will confine a particular favour on -

28 March 1785. Yours - JB

Mr Jas: Barlow. Bristol
I was favoured with yours of the of Jany in
which you mention your some triffle being due to you
for the Acct of Ethereal Matches. as I now want exceeding
to have all my acc:ts closed, a few shillings is but a
triffling object in comparison to this desirable event
I therefore will esteem it a favrn: you will be so
kind as send me by the first coach these matches that
remain unsold and the produce of value for those
you have disposed of after deducting commission, bad
Debts, Postage of Letters. & be so kind as direct the
Box to Mr W W. Lothberry — where I shall call
for them and Sir your &c
28 March
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