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Christn Gilbert Esq.r
Sir. It would have been happy given me pleasure had it been in my power to
have told your I had joined you a Mesip: for your Selhasge but when I read
on Mr Thornton. M. of your last letter to get
samples of it he seemed to think that the sale of it, for
th. use of painters, araur. Then: and apothecaries; even
too triffling for your attention and from what he mentioned
I had an idea he could dispose of the whole for exportation=
but two days ago I r.d: a note from him desiring
to know if I found a purchaser for any it mention in
O must observe to you that the principle uses of it in
this country seems to be boiling it with Linseed Oil to
give it a drying quality, and. Making Plasters of
difft. sorts for Hospitals here, a New Colour which is
called Marigold yellow is also made of it and for which
there is lately a very great demand both for this Country &
france but the Man who has lately got the patent have given in
a foolish specification by which the patent best and cheapest way of
making it is left open. it would be a good thing either for
you to get the supplying this man or perhaps it would be
who makes it with Lithasgee or perhaps to make it your
self which you could do very easy. but the simple way I
mentioned is a sred & the person who is in possession of it wd not
part with is without apremium

Copies of Letters to
Mr Gilbert
28 March

I long much to hear the result of your experiments abou
upon the Eolian Engine and shall be glad when perfected to
lend it my aid to introduce it to the work to the
but I have no w to communicate to you an affair which will
prevent me from being of that service which I wished to have
been, I shall a friend of mine Mr Bentham/Counselor at
Law/ having had a commission from the Court of Rfsea to
to find some person to explore the Mines & Minerals and other
objects of improvement in the Empress's new dominions in
the Crimea and other parts of Tartary he has thought proper
to make me this offer the uble capacity in which I am
to be placed is that of Superintendt. of a Botanical garden
to be established at Sebastianople on the South west side
of the Crimea; with a salary and other considerable advantages
in this country which is extremely cheap and a pleasant
Climate. Grasses growing wild fruits of most sorts in
the greatest abundance I expect to take my departure in
the course of the month of may but the exact time is
not yet fixt as I have a good deal to do before I
leave this country. You may probably wonder

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