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Fourthly To supply them in the second year after this
proposal is accepted, and afterwards with from £400,000 to
£500,000 at China pr Annum payable in Dollars for which the
supercargoes shall grant Bills in the court of Directors at whatever
shall appear to be the Medium Exchange of the last seven
years. The second year is herein stipulated because the proposal
may be accepted by the Company so late in the first year as to
render it impossible for such large remittances to be made in
the same year.

Fifthly, In place of confining the Captains to their
present previlege, by which their industry is in a great Measure
lost to themselves and to their Country, he would admit of
them shipping 50 Tons or as much more as they pleased, above
their present allowance in the same articles as they now carry,
in place of him, they in such case paying the proportion
of Freight.

The advantages that will accrue to the Company from
adopting the preceding or some similar plan, consists of the following
particulars. That the Company would have a certain supply
of from £400,000 to £500,000 pr ann. at China & eventually
much more. That their lost credit would be re-established
throughout India and their debts abroad paid to the general satisfaction
of their India Creditors of all descriptions whether
residing in India or Europe — And finally that the nation
would benefit by the increased consumption of British

Remarks upon Mr Scotts considerations upon
the Export Trade to India, by A.

A. who from his situation as one of the Companys servants
in a superior rank, has had many opportunities of judging how the
Imports from Great Britain might be disposed of to advantage,
that is to say, to a profit of a very great magnitude, thinks the
manuscript full of very true & useful information. He read
it with particular attention, and admits every position as a
certain fact not possible to be computed, & is convinced, the
author has not only resided many years in the Country he
speaks of, but that he has given this informatio more from
personal knowledge than conjecture.

The author, that is to say, the person who furnished the

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