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substance to the composer of the MSS. perhaps was not so well
acquainted with the province of Calcutta, or the Territory of Bengall,
as that of Bombay, otherwise he would have said that Bengall
would be still of more consequence in consuming the Manufacturers
of Great Britain than Bombay possibly could be, and A still
allows all that is said about Bombay to be literally true.

When A was a appointed to a Government in a
distant part of the Country, he frequently received consignments
of English broad cloth from Calcutta & he does not remember
to have sent one account of sales without rendering 30 pr Cent
above the Invoice price, that is to say, where the cloths were
really good, & of proper colours, & he could have disposed of
double, if not treble the quantity.

A admits that every advantage which the writer sets
forth, would accrue to Great Britain, to the East India Company,
& the adventurers, but is firmly persuaded, that no Minister
would ever carry it through, unless the Connection between
B, & F. & G. be previously destroyed.

At present it is notorious that F & G. with the consent
of B. send goods to the East Indias for their own account, & that the
returns produced certain profit, and that it is done in this manner.

D & E are allowed so many tons in each ship for their own
advantage, F &G give warrents for 4 times as many tons to be
ship't and the advantage are divided between them

B has likewise a feeling in it.

From this consideration A conceives that C will never
have power sufficient to remove the present evils, so as to bring
about the laudable purpose so ingeniously & faithfully pointed out
by the author of this MSS.

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