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to This will cover I believe 3 sheets of my Tactics
You will see I begin in the middle : mais je vais
au plus pressé.In many more will follow next
post-day : and then one or two more, probably
one will finish this part which I look upon as
most essential. I shall ruin you in postage: but
a friend whose address I do not as yet know, will
call and reimburse you. The putting off of the
meeting gives me some little chance of having this
part out in time. Without staying to continue this
subject, I think next of printing what I have to
say on the President, their functions — numbers —
Subordination to the Assembly — dependence on the
Assembly — the powers they ought to have — the
powers they ought not to have by whom they
should be appointed — who they should be - and
how chosen. Though what I have to say may
come too late for what regards the of them
it may be in time for what regards their functions
and their powers. I should have given
the priority to a deal of stuff I have on the
subject of publicity of the proceeding, which I
look upon to be all in all : But by the provision
made for visitors
I have the satisfaction
to find that what was intended for advice
will can now only answer the purpose of
and justification : unless the States should
be wrong-headed enough to do as our people
have always done, (except by connivance in the
of [positive and violent law) and shut the
doors after all. Naher has thrown them open
However I have plenty of considerations of to
offer besides the general priciple

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