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To M

I rather wonder what makes you in such buite
about my taking up the subject of representation:
I should have thought that might wait better than
any thing. The present people will not be sent
away this long while, unless the Crown (which God
forbid!) should find them impracticable. But I have
not time to quarrel with you at present: vide
ad interim a sort of partial answer in my first
sheet. I must postpone a thousand things I could
wish to say to you: I thought to have sent by this
post a general sketch of the place. I am abusing
y as you will begin so see your present system or
rather no - system of Tactics, all the while in
great ignorance about it, and therefore in perpetual
trepidation for fear of doing you injustice
I am forced to devine as to a thousand particulars
with relation to which were I at Paris in
a garret no great distance from your House
I could speak with certainty. Take compassion
on me, and set somebody to tell me whether
there are any documents extant from which
the mode of proceeding — oh, but you will
see what I am inwant of by looking at the book
Do not imagine, as you might from the 3d sheet, that because I began first with
the Historiographer General of the Provincial Assembles
I take up with such second-hand evidence. In
the 4th sheet wou will find me dissecting the
original Proces-Verbaux So Mark for omission
whatever you find useless or improper, and do, for
Charity's sake whatever your time will allow
you to do towards correcting any errors I may
have fallen into, only whatever occurrs in the translation

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