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Usury Preface
From p.3.

and that it is equal a circumstance equally
happy for the cause champion and for and for the whom
the points in respect of which he claims indulgence
for other men are such in respect
of which he has no need to for claim any
for himself

The arguments would indeed would have
been just what they are, neither stronger nor
weaker neither more nor less conclusive, had
the book which exhibits them been written
in Duke's place: but the weakness of human
nature might not unnaturally be exposed
to make a difference in the effect. Among the
most confident few are so much so as
to trust a question entirely exclusively to the decision of
their own judgement without going in
quest of that fable and fallacious light which
may be reflected upon it by the consideration
of the motives that may have called forth
the arguments on either side: fa among the
proudest few so proud as to be sensible of
the weakness humiliating confession a man
makes when in the place of rational grounds
he betokens he deserts the path of reason to
find a prop for his imbecillity in this miserable
assistance. [+]

[+] While this weakness continues,
there will be no
use in character character
will have its value not
only to the person but to
its cause: and happy
would it be for mankind
if that weakness had no
other nor worse effect.
for whose pride is so
clear-sighted as to point
out to them.

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