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very hungry we were glad to eat them & thank God for it for if it
had been for the Shell fish and the little Turtle which we had
we must have Starved: we very seldom put into any place but found
plenty of fresh water but we could not find any thing fit to eat
when we came to the Gulph of Carpentara [sic] which is in latitude
10d: 11m we ran down the Gulph 9 or 10 Miles and saw several small
Islands on which were several of the Natives in 2 Canoes landing
upon one of the Islands we steered down towards them
as soon as they saw us they sent their 2 Canoes round to the
back of the Island with 1 man in each when we came down
to them they seemed to stand in a posture of defence against
us we fired a Musket over them & immediately they began
firing their Bows and Arrows at us we immediately hoisted
up our Sails and rowed away from them but as God would
have it none of their arrows came into the Boat but dropped
along side we could not get hold of any of them but they
seemed to be about 18 inches long the Natives seemed to be
very stout and fat and blacker than them those we saw in other
parts; there was one which we took to be the chief with some
shells round his Shoulders we rowed a little farther down the
Gulph & landed upon the Main for to get some water we found
plenty and saw a small Row of huts about 20 just by were
the fresh water was there were not any of the inhabitants in
their huts or about them as we could see their huts were
large enough for 6 or 7 of them stand upright in they
were made of bark & covered over with Grass we filled our

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