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breakers with fresh water came aboard of our boat again
for we were afraid of staying ashore for fear of the Natives, we
went 3 or 4 miles from the shore and dropt our Killock and
stopped there all night the next morning we were determined
to go to the same place to recruit our water but as we were making
towards the shore we saw two very large Canoes coming towards
us we did not know what to do for we were afraid to meet them
there seemed to be about 30 or 40 men in each Canoe they had
sails seemed to be made of matting one of the canoes was a
head of the other a little way it stopt till the other came up
and then she hoisted her Sails and made after us as soon as
we saw that we tacked about with what water we had determined
to cross the Gulph which was about 500 Miles but as
God would have it we out run them they followed us till
we lost sight of them, having but little fresh water and no
wood to make a fire with but in four days and a half we
made the other side of the Gulph we put on shore to look for
some fresh water but could not find any at that place we kept
along shore till the evening we saw a small river which we
made to and got plenty of fresh water; we put off to sea the same
night & saw no more land till we came into Latitude of
North End of the Island we hawled up to make the land to
get some fresh water but saw nothing but a heavy swell which
had liked to have swallowed us up then we concluded the best
way to shape our course would be for the Island of Timor with
what little water we had which we made in 36 Hours we
ran along the Island of Timor till we came to the Dutch

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