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Settlements where we went ashore to the Governors house who behaved
extremely well to us filled our bellies and Cloathed us double with
every thing that was worn on the Island where we remained
very happy for two months till Wm Bryant had words with
his Wife who went and informed against himself, wife, Children
and all of us; we were immediately taken prisoners and put
in the Castle and strictly examined afterwards we were allowed
to go out of the Castle 2 at a time for 1 day and the next day
2 more & so we continued till Captain Edwards who had been in
search of the Bounty Pirates who had taken some of the Pirates
at Otaheite when he lost the Pandora Frigate between New Guinea
and new Holland, he made the Island of Timor in the
Pinnace two yawls and his Long Boats & 120 hands which were
saved: which Captain Edwards came to us to know who we
were we told him we were Convicts and had made our escape
from Botany Bay he told us we were his Prisoners & he put
us on board the Nambang Dutch Companys Ship and put both
our legs in irons called the Bilboes in which we was conveyed to
Bretava Batavia where we was were taken out of the Nambang and put on board
a Dutch Guard Ship in irons again there we lost the Child, 6
days after the Father of the child was taken bad & died they were
both buried at Bretava 6 Weeks after we were put in 3 different
Ships bound to the cape of Good Hope we were 3 Months before
we reached the Cape when we came there the Gorgon Man
of War which had brought the Marines from Botany Bay
which we were put on board of and was we were known well by all
the Marine officers. We were all glad that we had not
perished at Sea we were brought to England in the Gorgon

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