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V Impregnation.

I – for the purpose of
1. Impregnating leather
with oliaginous fluid, for
2. Impregnating straw
with water, to fit it for
twisting for chair bottoms.
II. for the purpose of
colouring - See Colouring.
III – for the purpose of
preserving – See Preserving.

VI. Cementation.

1. Gluing veneers &c to wood
2. Pasting leather & paper
to pasteboard for the
covers of books.
3. So in the making of
4. Application of varnishes
5. Cementing veneers of
stone to stone.
6. Mending China
7. Quick silvering looking
8. Quick silvering beads
9. Gilding & silvering

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VII. Colouring.

I. Dying.
1. Dying of Leather
2. Dying bone & Ivory
3. Dying wood where
the dye is a chemical solution.
4. Dying straw.
5. Colouring marble
II. Bleaching
1. Bleaching piece
silk by extracting the
atmospherical air, &
substituting oxygene
or other gasses.
2. Bleaching silk, or
linen thread in skains
by oxygenated muriatic

VIII. Exsiccation.

Drying by alternate
expulsion & introduction
of masses
of dried or heated
and dried air.
1. Drying Linnen
&c after washing.
2. Drying for the
purpose of preservation.
See Preservation.

---page break---

IX. Distillation.

1. Distillation of aqueous
fluids & fluids
in general in vacuo
for saving of heat.
2. Distillation of oils
with less heat for avoiding
3. Distillation of vegetable
and animal
substances in general
with less heat
for avoiding empyreuma
– instead
of the Balneum Muriæ.
4. Ex. gr. Purification
of Lemon juice by
distillation of it from
the pulp.

---page break---

X. Preservation of
provisions in an unaltered

I – in all Seasons. 1. Game
2. Poultry of all kinds
killed at any age.
3. Fish of all kinds
4. Fruits of all kinds
in bottles, bladders, entrails,
or barrels.
5. Cream collected at
a cheap time kept to
a dear time.
6. Green Pease & Beans
7. Upkeeping legumes
in general.

II – from distant Countries 1. Sterlet } from Russia
2. Sturgeon } from Russia
3. Firm roach like small fish } from Russia
4. Tunny from the Mediterranean.
5. Cod sounds from Newfoundland &c.
6. Trout – from N. Britain & Ireland.
7. Gillaroo Trout from Ireland.
8. Turbot, Jean Doréa and Soles from distant parts of the British Coast.

Beavers } from Russia and N. America
Reindeer } from Russia and N. America
Wild Boar from Germany.

Ortolans from Italy
Geese cheap } from Russia
Game of all sorts } from Russia
Black Game &c from N. Britain
Red legged Partridges from divers Countries
Bird's Nests from China

---page break---

X. Preservation continued
of unaltered provisions.

1. Mangosteens from
the E. Indies, and
from the W. Indies
when naturalized
2. Lee Chee fruit from
3. Other E. & W. India
4. Pine Apples to be
raised in the Madeiras.
5. Oranges in a fully
ripened state from the Mediterranean,
6. Grapes of different
sorts in do from do
7. Juice of China
8. Pine Apple Juice.

III. for different Countries
& Long Voyages
1. Fish, Poultry, Game,
and Fruit as above.
2. Fresh Meat, alone
or in portable Soup,
Lard or Butter.
3. Milk & Cream.
4. Butter in a fresh state.
5. Lemon & Lime juice
and Seville Orange juice.

IV – for Voyages or domestic
1. Preserving butter by
churning it in vaduo?
Quere, whether an elastic
fluid is not mechanically
to the process? – If so,
exhaust the common
air, substituting azote
or water hydrogene.
2. Preserving lard & Pomatum by exhausting
while they are
yet fluid.
3. Preserving? Cheese
by applying the pressure
in vacuo.

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