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I. Exhausted As to the Vacuum Chamber or Receptacle
to bewhich is exhausted of its air, and into which the subjects
of the several processes are respectively to be introduced —

This may be of cast iron As to its material it:or
The bulk of it will of course be regulated by
the the seale on o which it is proposed to operate. Like
the vessels of a large Brewery, it may be of the size
of a large room In general it should be no larger
than necessary, since the greater the space left: unoccupied by
the subject in question, the greater the quantity of air to be extracted. As to the materials it may be<add>made cheapest of cast iron: or where</add>
For which In the same view, there may be an advantage inA is too large to be cast were in it may be
some cases in adapting the form of the chamber in some made of copper as brewers vessels are
measure to the form of the subject to be contained in it As Copper vessels are made in pieces, and the pieces
Where Of course it would not be made of the same shape soldered, so a vessel of cast iron for this purpose
for a plank of timber as for a barrel of provision. Where be cast in pieces and only the pieces must
flatness is not necessary, convexity will be preferable on account of the give an advantage it givesbe joined not -by as they can not be as cast iron
in point of strength. will not solder only be joined by fitting, for instance by brought together
by screws: in which case the juncture may be secured by
lead: by melted lead.</p>

As to the form, the nearer it approaches the
the spherical the better stronger as against the pressure
of the external and surrou atmosphere. Say hemispherical, or cylindrical, the superior upper part of the cylinder
terminating in a sphere. In many cases the bottom
will be flat for the sake of steadiness: or it will have no
bottom of its own, but stand upon a floor from whence
it may occasionally be raised.

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