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with respect to Communication of motion from the external
bodies exposed to the external atmosphere to bodies
within the exhausted chamber. For the purpose of
feeding and other purposes

purpose. The the methods already in use in the instance
of in the way of experiment, such as the collar of leathers will in general will be found sufficient
for the purpose a largehowever large the scale. A spindle
sliding backwards and forwards in such a collar gives
the rectilinear motion: a spindle turning round
on its axis gives circular motion: From one or other
of these two or indeed from either of them all any other motions may be produced
at pleasure. [+] The ficti friction that may seem to appear essential to such a
mode of communication will naturally render at advisable
that the motion should at that stage of it be slow: from being quick at its origin: but within [+] Agitation or pressure by stampers vs rollers or screws may serve for examples, amongst a thousand others.
the chamber any degree of quickness acceleration may be
obtained by the well known expedient for of obtaining
by in exchange for purchase for contrivances for acceleration. So much
of this friction so much as depends on pressurethe pressure of the external air may
be got rid of by substituting to the substituting to the pressure of the <add>a close
collar, a collar the -fitting collar like that of leathers, that of a column of
inside of it made the rod or spindle shall be filled stopple or mercury of a height sufficient to counterbalance
up with guicksilver. As this column of quicksilverthe greatest weight of the quick a column of the atmosphere,
is to support the pressure of theinternal atmosphereforming <add>by thisa kind of annular stopple in which the
it must consequently be somewhat more than 30 inchesaxis of communication plays.
at least in perpendicular attitude.

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