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The general of the above observation is
as follows. Portsmouth, being an out port and the
principal port for the outfit of large fleets, requires
a site of docks particularly calculated for the business
of docking and undocking in contradistinction to that
of repairing: to the operation for a business that requires supposes <add>admitts</add> vessels to
succeed one another in general succession in contradistinction
to a business that admitts of in vessels lying a long
time and the same dock without removal. To this captital purpose
the additional of Docks in question are peculiarly ill adapted. The surpluss is referable to 3 By obstruction given to The connection of two of the docks by the obstruction in the form of a Double Dock. The reduction of theeffective number of the
1. For To the purpose of quicker , Double Docks
are peculiarly ill adapted. a vessel in the fore part
being a bar to the of a vessel in the hind part,
the undocking of the Caller [+] must bealways suffering delay, [+] as well as the admission of the to succeed it
unless it be in the rare and accidental can of the two vessels
being in readiness to be discharged for undocking it primarily the same Jetties by the unfitness of thesail of the three four five existing and 3. the unfitness of the Bason for the supplying the above deficiency of Jetties.
time. For all this, of these <add>two</add> Yet of the fouradditional docks comprised another
plan areare connected together in the inconvenient
form of a Double Dock.

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