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The probity rectitude of his intentions is not as much therefore char stands, therefore nullified
from the imputation of that out of as alloyed by any of that idle same principle forwardness with which
probit good the least intention as not unapt
to be alloyed.

There is a sort of overweaning presuming forwardness idle forward presumptiousness
with which the present best impressions are not unapt to
be alloyed—but even this imputation, unreal
[+] you will now
I hope, be of opinion
with me, does
as it is [+] would does not attach upon the conduct
of Mr Vaughan.

One question word more Sir, and I have done.
What is to would become of the love of our country,
and of the country itself, (I would be glad to know wish it to be considered)
if the same censure is to involve those who soever understood to be in store for
labours to serve the most zealous active zealous of its friends
and the most malicious of its enemies?

The matter being now thus explained will I
but that sort of sympathy
while im-
flatter myself suppose is a somewhat different
point together of view from which
suggested the paragraph which shortens the attention
and inserted the regrets of
Your Constant Reader.

Believe me, Sir, it is not any domestic, or particular manner
of interest or relationship, no certainty of much less any
nor any thing like a party connection (for I have never regardedlooked
upon Mr Vaughan, as a party man, and I am
sure I am none) [+] that but sympathy for power a regard for suffering
worth and a line of justice that has drawn called forth
this simple and spontaneous and unexpected story
a justice from the part of Your Constant Reader.

[+] but that sort of
careful feeling to which the
idea of supposing worthy
is so well intended to measured
exactly in the breast
of the neareststranger
has the desire of
exciting give birth in every honest mind
clearing a most
respectable character
from imputations
labouring to
me appear the mere
result of misconception

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