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Timber, the pasture affords in considerable quantity:
but the right of cutting it, though not unclaimed,
has for these 100 years, it is supposed, remained
unexercised. For the disposal of this part if the produce is provision
it is presumed, would require to be made in the Bill.
It also with regard to are equivalent for the
Tithe; the equivalent for which might , be with great
much to the advantage of all parties, be given in the made to consist
shape of a portion of the land.

This title to Mr Collins's share is conceived of the premises is expressed
in the following ambiguous terms, contained in
In a deed dated 1718 in which the Hon.ble George
Watson is grantor and Lrd Chief Baron Smith
(to whom Mr Collins is Great great nephew and
one of two Coheirs / grantee, conveying the Manor
or reputed Manor of Frobsworth to the said grantee.
are words The words are

"And who all that close called the Husbandman's
" Pasture, containing by estimation 97 acres,
"which hath been used as a common pasture
"And also all those 22 + commons used in the said

+ Mr Miles's, two
commons above mentioned
are parcel of these
22, having been purchased
by his predecessors
of the predecessors
of Mr Collins.

"Pasture and enjoy'd by the tenants of the said
"George Watson as he hath thought fit to appoint
"the same respectively."

Under these words, it may be a question, whether
the absolute unlimited conveyance of the whole pasture
includes any thing and what more than the
22 Commons therein "used". If any thing, it should naturally

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