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2 After a short introduction as per written sheet proceed thus
Ch. 1. Plan or System of remuneration - imperfections it is susceptible of

When in the system of the existing set of rules
any imperfection is in any shape discernible, whether
in addition to the term inperfection the term abuse is a
applicable to it or not, makes not, in respect of the demand
for correction, any substantial difference.

Where Then can is it is that in the case of the imper-

fection in question the term abuse is not only justly but man-
ifestly applicable it is in this respect so much the better:

In reviewing making taking in the above occasion a view sort of survey
of the the state of Prize law and of the practice in relation to it,
the following imperfections various kinds of imperfection of
the following are the heads under which one or another of the various
imperfections of detail that presented themselves may might
it seemed be comprized.

I. Misapplication of public money, or money belonging to individuals, in the occasion of
the first branch or the portion in question of the Military service
of the country, especially more particularly the Naval branch of it.
Of The cases which presented themselves as coming under this
II. Departures from the several rules which
head the bare mention will suffice for the moment.
They will receive undergo each of them ample consideration a detailed exposure
in its place

1. Shares received by the King to his own use or to be disposed
of at his own pleasure out of the proceeds of prizes in certain

II. Departure from the several rules which in every
case when as here the matter of reward is applied bestowed
or professed to be bestowed in the view of its becoming promoting the rendering
productive giving birth to public service, common sense presents
to view as proper to be observed.

Say - Non observance of the proper rules or principle
or rules by which the operation of remuneration ought
in all cases to be governed.

II. Sayten infringement of the obvious rules of policy
respecting the application remuneration of the matter of reward to the production
of public service

to next give the rules

it finds more ears
open to the hearing
of it, it finds more
hands ready to
be emplo take a part in the occupy
themselves in about the
endeavour to remedy
it. The fallacy of
which comp the
essence is embraced
in the word innovation
this together with the
increase and rise of
fallacies that hold up
the task of it. find
a less somewhat
less cordial reception
at the hands of the
tattered rabble of which
prizes and
form the bulk of the
population in
and is comprized.

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Ch. 1. Plan of a System of Remuneration _ Imperfections it is Susceptible of

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