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26 Nov. 1810

§. 2 §. 3

Ch 1 Beginning
45 or 1
1. Case in which misapplication
has place
1 Droits - cases in
which prize money
goes to the arbitrary
disposal of Kings
and Ministers


In looking over the field of prize-law the following instances
of misapplication of the matter of reward money public and private together in the
shape of money will be found discernible observable

1. Droit money, money under that name put into the pockets or placed at the arbitrary disposal of Kings, Ministers and others
without services viz in the score or occasion in question, or so much as the pretense of service
1. Droits. Money, which, in case of vessels or goods the
property of the enemy, ought to go either to the captors
in the character for the purpose of remuneration and encouragement,
or to the public on the score of indemnification
for the expense of fitting out equipping and comprising the force by which
the capture is made, diverted from both purposes and
being taken into the hand of Ministers for the purpose of applied
to the personal use of the King and to other private uses.
Money thus applied has of late been in use to be
brought to view by the concise and therein in that respect convenient
term droits howsoever uncharacteristic denomination

7 or 2
Mischief of such
1. Simple waste
2. Tendency to give
birth & continuance
to unnecessary war
3 - and to give commencement
to them
in an unjust mode.
4. to the
purpose of corruption

1 Of misapplication of money in this shape, mere simple waste will
be seen to be the constitute just a part of the mischief, and
that even the least considerable.

2. Another consists in its the tendency which it has to give birth or
continuance to unjust and unnecessary war: to wit by
reason of the profit of which un war, how flagrantly and manifestly soever
unjust may in this
way be made productive

3. Another A third again is its tendency to give commencement
to war, wet whether just or unjust, a practical, that is to say an
unjust and disreputable disgraceful commencement to wit in the
tend respect of the perfidious mischievous manner in which in order to
produce to the persons in question the sinister profit in question it is necessary that
the war in question should be

4. A fourth consists in the corruptive effect of
produced by the money, when applied in respect of
the improper purposes to which money when thus obtained by this means
and through this channel becomes applicable.

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