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28 Nov. 1810

Ch. 1. Beginning
§. 4. III. Insufficiency

Agents necessary Taxation - 1 Vexation from lawyers those he has will

2 Added the do by lawyers fraud upon him

In litigation, as
in taxation, by under
vexation may be
included whatever
evil is over and
above expense.
It might be represented
by the money a man
would give to be rid of it
and thus by expense:
But this not being
, it
requires a separate


3. Under the name of vexation may be comprized

3. On the occasion of litigation, as by Adam Smith
on the occasion of taxation, under the name of vexation
may be comprized whatsoever affliction infliction has not the
loss of a determinate sum of money for its determi site
and immediate cause. In each instance it the influence of it might
indeed be represented, and truly and accurately represented
by the sum of money the greatest sum of money which
a man were it in his power a man would give to for the
benefit of being exempted be exempted from it. But that sum not being in any
case determined or determinable and consequently the vexation
not being capable of being represented in a pecuniary
shape form , can not be represented otherwise than in in any other shape than its own
shape, by any other name than its own name.

Agents are
1. Law Agents
2 Commercial do.

Under the head of vexation The list of latent drawbacks

Under the name of Agents may in these occasions be comprized as
well with a view to vexation delay as with a view to delay vexation
law agents and commercial agents.

Law Agents those
whose services a
man captor must have
recourse to, ere
his immediate
title to the capture
prize can be obtained.

The His law agents are those to whose services he is under
the necessity of having recourse intendently preparatorily and to and
for the purpose of the decision on which depends his
foun most <add>more immediate title to the mass of reward, and his
chance power of receiving the source mass of property out of which it is
to come to be extracted .

Commercial those
whose services (generally
not till after
such title has been
obtained) he must
have recourse to for
turning the captured articles into money for the purpose of distribution.

The commercial agents are those to whose services
he is ob under the necessity of having recourse
for the purpose of converting the property in whatsoever
shape it may have been may have been its shape at the time of the capture into
an aggregate mass of money out of which he is to receive
his share. In general therefore the service services of this class of
Agents commence not till after the service of those of the other
class ends. and as to the principal
part of the business, viz
the sale

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